Z06 Corvette

The New 6th Generation Corvette Z06 Will Not Disappoint!

There are many sports cars that make the enthusiast's heart skip a beat, but none as exciting as the Corvette. This all American sports car has been the chosen favorite since its introduction in 1953. Within the history of American pop culture we have been driven to find the shiniest, fastest and most powerful of cars. The Corvette performance has never let us down. Its quality, speed and precision, as well as somewhat reasonable price tags have made this car a symbol of power and prestige.

The history of the Corvette has seen generations of change. If you are in the market for used Corvettes consider the attributes of six different generations. From 1953-1962, these models were known for their solid axles, development of the two seater and small block V-8 engines. The Sting Ray generation took over from 1963-1967. The 1963 went from zero to 60 mph in a mere 5.8 seconds, traveling a quarter of a mile in 14.5 seconds, reaching 102 mph. This generation reached its peak in 1967 with the "L88" 427, equipped with aluminum cylinder heads and over 500 horsepower of Corvette performance! The Mako Shark styling took over from 1968-1982 and then gave way to the dramatically changed scientific designs of the 1984-1996 generation, including the 40th anniversary package with badges and special ruby paint. The fifth generation from 1997-2004 was the world beater era. The transmission was split between the rear wheels to offset the weight of the engine in front. The incredible Z06 was introduced in this group in 2001, increasing its horsepower for 2002 to over 450!

The sixth generation from 2005 to our present day is known for its additional power, performance and style. The Z06 of this generation is the fastest and most expensive thus far. You can expect for prices to start around $74,000.00 for a new model. Most people will gain just as much pleasure by purchasing preowned Corvettes for a fraction of the cost. The Z06 weighs in at 3,175 lbs with its aluminum frame and magnesium engine cradle. Don't let the light weight make you think the performance is anything but powerful, delivering 505 hp at 6300 rpm and 470 lb-ft of torque. It is powered by a 7.0 liter aluminum block V8 engine with 11.0.1 compression ratio. New, used or pre-owned, this is one model that will not disappoint!

Used as well as preowned Corvettes never decrease in value. In fact, if well maintained, these cars will only increase their values. GM parts are easy to obtain for owners who prefer to do their own maintenance in contrast to foreign sports cars. When looking at used Corvettes, make sure they are certified by the NCRS (National Corvette Restorers Society) or Bloomington Gold. This guarantees you that this car has been fully inspected and certified as correct in every way. Just thinking about Corvette performance makes the car lover's mouth water. The only down side is the possible unavoidable speeding tickets as the thrill of the speed takes over on the highway. But the happiness of owning one of these incredible machines makes it all worthwhile.

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